Any and all materials presented to Manhattan Hypnosis by the client remains personal and confidential. Manhattan Hypnosis does not sell, rent, or solicit any information from our practice to third parties. Your session, questionnaire, and details of your Hypnosis experience remain strictly confidential and the information from all aspects of the session remain private and exclusive between the Hypnotist and the client.

Hypnosis should only be used as a complementary treatment in conjunction with, and at the discretion of, your physician. Medical problems within the physical body must always be treated by a physician first, who can then prescribe Hypnosis for pain control or relaxation.

Drug addiction, family-dynamics disorders, clinical depression and other such problems need to be treated by doctors and psychiatrists, who can then, at their discretion, prescribe hypnosis as a complementary treatment.

Hypnosis is not a treatment or cure for mental illness. A client suffering from psychosis, suicidal depression, or taking prescribed medications for psychological stability should only be hypnotized with the expressed, written consent of the client’s doctor or psychiatrist.