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Be Creative with Hypnosis Techniques composite photo

by Michael O’Hara, Certified Consulting Hypnotist Creativity. The mysterious – the unknown – it arrives and leaves just as quick. Why are some people so gifted, so talented, so prolific? Could it be that their subconscious mind has simply given them permission to move forward – a figurative “green light” if you will.

A blurred image of people shopping in New York City

by Michael O’Hara, Certified Consulting Hypnotist Many people today sadly call it retail therapy, but do you find yourself shopping more and more, while enjoying your gadgets and gizmos less and less? Not sure if this is you, read on —

A stock photo of a kitten sound asleep in a wooden bowl.

by Michael O’Hara, Certified Consulting Hypnotist Sleep deprivation is one of the most under-reported and devastating bad habits in our nation. A recent health study from Sweden found people who lived on busy, noisy streets were sleep deprived and were 25% more likely to be overweight. As a result of poor sleeping habits, they had […]

A stock photo of a hand holding a cigarette outside on the street in NYC

by Michael O’Hara, Certified Consulting Hypnotist In order for any Certified Consulting Hypnotist to be successful, he or she must be attentive and listen for the client’s underlying — almost imperceptible — obstacles during the conversation that takes place prior to the actual Hypnosis session.

Graphic for Self-Hypnosis Techniques and Tips

by Michael O’Hara, Certified Consulting Hypnotist The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a habit as “a behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition,” so in a nutshell, if you tell yourself something long enough, it becomes fact.

A photo of a person using a mobile phone and multi-tasking

by Michael O’Hara, Certified Consulting Hypnotist The reliance on cell phones, tablets and laptops has reached epidemic proportions. Ask someone to imagine a day in which they’ve misplaced their device or even worse – broken a device which is beyond repair – and you’ll see an immediate and universal response – pure panic!

Ten tips for happiness are overcoming insecurity, ego and unrealistic desires that prevent you from achieving success. Photo of a silhouette man jumping with joy and being very happy.

by Michael O’Hara, NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist Happiness. It’s elusive. It’s what we want more than anything else. It consumes our very existence, but is the pursuit of the next adrenaline rush, big ticket purchase, or obscenely-expensive 12-course meal addressing the true essence of happiness? While all the aforementioned are terrific in their own right, […]

Is Donald Trump a master at hypnosis

Michael O’Hara, CH, is a Consulting Hypnotist Admit it. Donald Trump is mesmerizing. Love him or hate him, everyone awaits his next word or action. I can’t help but watch with great fascination as “The Donald” uses tried and true methods of Hypnosis to reach and influence the subconscious mind of the American public. As […]