by Michael O’Hara, Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Creativity. The mysterious – the unknown – it arrives and leaves just as quick. Why are some people so gifted, so talented, so prolific? Could it be that their subconscious mind has simply given them permission to move forward – a figurative “green light” if you will.

Be Creative with Hypnosis Techniques composite photoI have had the wonderful gift of knowing many, many creative, talented, amazing people who have passed through my doors over the years, and they have all spoken of the elusive muse. One day the creative flow pours forth, then suddenly, the shut-off valve is turned and everything comes to a complete standstill.

When a situation such as this arises, chances are it was prefaced by something – stress – change – upheaval – trauma. An event or thought has shaken you to your very foundation and your subconscious mind immediately goes into overdrive with new data.

A “fight or flight” script takes over, so rather than thinking about developing new concepts, ideas and skills, your subconscious mind becomes focused upon new mantras – Stop! Don’t! Run! Hide! Beware!

There is no time left for the creative process when worry, fear, and stress come to the forefront. Now, it’s all about survival, and in the process, everything that was joyful and life affirming has come to a grinding halt.

Here are a few Hypno-tips that I provide to my friends in the arts who get “stuck” from time to time —

1. Take failure out of the equation – Most people shut down or procrastinate in order to avoid failure. The thought of failure keeps people from moving out of their comfort zone and thereby prevents freedom of expression. Just create and see where the process will take you.

2. Do it for YOU! – We spend a great deal of our time protecting our self-image from ridicule, and in the process, we don’t put ourselves out there artistically in order to avoid criticism. Take your project and as you work on it, imagine that it will not be discovered until well after your lifetime, so you can express yourself without any fear of reprisals.

3. Do it and leave it – Work on your project until it seems to become laborious (in other words – no fun!) and at that point in time, leave it. Drop it. Stop. Don’t think about it at all. Go about your day to day existence, and eventually, when that little voice begins to grow inside your head again, when you miss the process, resume; however, first take a good long look at your work OBJECTIVELY as if someone else had started this project and the baton has now been passed to you. Admire its strengths and look for the areas to improve upon.

4. Complete the project from the end to the beginning – A very successful technique that I use with my clients is called Reverse Visualization, which is as follows:

You produce a positive outcome by starting with the desired goal and working backward. It creates focus and imprints the end goal into the mind prior to undertaking the actual event. The client creates positive mental images of their desired goal and this creates an easy to follow strategy which fosters confidence and increases performance. By following this format, I have helped to activate the imagination and increase positive visualization for a desired outcome for many writers, actors, and artists.

Reverse Visualization keeps a client focused on the goal, remaining in the present moment, maintaining a positive mental attitude and foster a greater execution of their skills.

Make your appointment today. Achieve harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Accomplish your goals and dreams. Hypnosis empowers you to become your very best self. CONTACT US! Now is the time to overcome obstacles and live the life you’ve always dreamed about.

Hypnosis for guided imagery and creative visualization gives your subconscious mind the direction toward lasting fulfillment. The power to expand, explore and engage await. All you need do is tap into the unbridled force of your subconscious mind.

Michael O’Hara, CH, is a Consulting Hypnotist, certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, who practices in New York City. His website is He may be contacted at 917-747-9763 or via email at


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Michael O'Hara, CH, is a Consulting Hypnotist, certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, who practices in New York City. His website is He may be contacted at 917-747-9763 or via email at