what is hypnosisHypnosis is one of the most effective tools we can use to release blocks in the mind that keep us from achieving total joy and happiness. It is a relaxed state of mind where we are able to work with the subconscious mind (our emotional center) to eliminate emotional blocks and reprogram positive thinking or new habits. Remember a Hypnotist does not treat or cure a problem. We do not diagnose an illness like an MD or Psychiatrist but often work in conjunction with them.

Who is a good candidate for hypnosis?

We have never met a person who cannot be hypnotized. Hypnosis is deep relaxation – and everyone likes that feeling. In this relaxed state, the mind accepts new suggestions easily.

The Process

stock-photo-1838900-young-woman-callingBeginning the process.  Success in hypnosis first begins with the client wanting to be hypnotized and trusting the process and the hypnotist. Please take advantage of our offer for a free phone consultation to answer your questions.


intake questionnaireFill out our intake form. When a client decides they want a session, the first step is to fill out the intake form that is emailed or the client can download it online. This begins to outline the possible causes of the challenge. Most challenges result from unresolved emotional issues or negative belief systems.


first half of the questionnaire only takes 10 minutesFirst half of a session. The session lasts for approximately two hours. The first half of the session is discussing personal history and the possible causes of your challenge. We create a plan of what needs to be released and what new behavior you want to program in the subconscious. Think of the mind like a computer where you can remove (and make peace with) negative thoughts and behaviors and then program wanted new thoughts and behaviors. The subconscious holds all of our emotions and habits. Hypnosis can tap into the inner mind and create new possibilities. The conscious mind is our analytical and critical factor which can be bypassed using hypnosis.


second halfSecond half of a session. The second half of the session is the actual hypnosis. A simple exercise of hypnosis is demonstrated to those who have never experienced it. In hypnosis, like meditation, the more often you do it, the quicker and deeper you let the conscious mind go and allow the work to be done in the subconscious mind where your personal, goals, dreams and desires lie. Hypnosis is created through a series of relaxation techniques. The hypnotist is merely a guide for you to experience and process what you desire. We create shifts in the subconscious mind.


ipod classicAudio recording. We create an MP3 of the session and make a recording for the client’s home use. This allows you to be hypnotized and focus on the challenge at home on your own. We suggest using the MP3 for at least 21 days after the session.

Life challenges for which people see a hypnotist.

Any challenge can be helped with Hypnosis. The most popular reasons why people go to a hypnotist are self confidence, weight loss, pain control, smoking cessation, scholastic goals, fears and phobias, but any challenge can be worked on through hypnosis. Of course, a physical ailment must have medical attention and severe mental issues need the proper psychological attention, but Hypnosis is a powerful tool to enhance healing in both physical and mental challenges. The medical community has admitted the importance of the mind-body connection in healing. There are emotional and negative behaviors connected with ailments, pain, and diseases such as cancer, addiction, stress, weight disorders, and sexual dysfunction. It is also a very effective tool to empower a client in relationships, success, self confidence, and scholastic goals.

Incorporating hypnosis techniques in your daily life.

We give you the tools, but 50% of the focus and work is yours. You must start incorporating these techniques and positive applications in your life. The subconscious sends messages that you need to listen to on the conscious level, such as “I don’t want to eat that because it’s bad for me!” or “I am a brilliant, powerful, amazing person!” or “That relationship was not for me. I am now ready for the perfect mate!” or “Yuck! Smoking is disgusting.” You must focus and act on it. Remember, change happens with focus and with baby steps and before you know it, you’re there. Life is so stressful today and sometimes people go on to their next challenge without appreciating their initial success.

We empower people to be the magnificent beings that they are!

Clients, whether disabled, overweight, addicted, unemployed, or hopeless have been empowered by this work. Everyone has special talents and attributes that simply require passion, focus, and positive thoughts to succeed in what you want in your life. Hypnosis can help you get there!

Life Challenges & Hypnosis

Hypnosis can help with many of life’s challenges. Below is a list of common issues.  You can find information links to some of them in the left navigation column.

John McGrail certified hypnotist“WHAT IS HYPNOSIS?” VIDEO
Here is a link to a video by John McGrail, Certified Hypnotist .

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