you can quit smoking with hypnosis help in New York City


an ashtray filled with pennies and a cigaretteYou can stop smoking with the use of Hypnosis, which is one of the most successful ways to change this habit. The subconscious mind is where all habits are formed and it needs to be reprogrammed. Hypnosis is a safe, relaxing way to communicate to that part of you that wants you to be healthy and happy.

In 1992, New Scientist Magazine published an article comparing the different methods of quitting smoking. The research was carried out at the University of Iowa, and it statistically combined the results of more than 600 studies covering almost 72,000 people from America, Scandinavia and Europe. It looked at 48 studies into Hypnosis, which covered over 6,000 smokers, and concluded: “Hypnosis is the most effective way of stopping smoking.”

Think what it would be like to be a nonsmoker — totally FREE from cigarettes.

  • Your body is fitter, healthier, stronger, and reaching its full potential.
  • You have far more energy — no more feeling tired and lethargic all day long.
  • You are no longer a slave to cigarettes, no longer caught in a vicious circle which is silently killing you.
  • Your blood pressure is falling & moving nearer to normal (one of the first physiological changes).
  • Your skin is much healthier and younger looking.
  • You no longer smell like an ashtray or feel socially unaccepted.
  • You have more in control of your life.
  • You are no longer being full of the poison of nicotine.
  • You will be surprised by how much stronger and steadier your nerves have become, leading to increased motivation and confidence.

Results From The US Surgeon General’s Reports

a cigar being held by a hand with smoke filling the air1. Carbon monoxide levels return to normal after 12 hours.
2. Circulation improves and lung function increases after two weeks to three months of quitting.
3. Coughing and shortness of breath decrease after one to nine months.
4. Risk of coronary heart disease is cut in half after one year.
5. Risk of stroke can fall after two to five years.
6. Lung cancer risk decreases after ten years.


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